FAQs (D-link router)

You can change the wireless channel from the wireless settings which can be reached out through dlinkrouter.local login to its Web GUI. Settings → wireless → advanced settings → Wi-Fi channel.
The Wi-Fi password can be changed by accessing the wireless tab from the settings on the web Menu of the D-link router approachable by dlinkrouter.local or by mydlink login.
You will have to log into the D-link router’s web Menu to configure the router’settings using either mydlink login or through dlinkrouter.local. Access the Wireless section which makes all the wireless network information visible.
You can log into the D-link routers either through Mydlink app or through web via dlinkrouter.local using default login. To login using mydlink, you must have registered your D-link router with mydlink, or you may log in to the mydlink web portal using www.mydlink.com.
Yes, you can remotely access your D-link router using the mydlink login using the installed and downloaded mydlink app on your mobile device.
Your Internet modem must have not been properly connected to the WAN/Internet Port on the D-Link Router. Check and secure that, else reboot the router and check the network status.
If you forget your D-link router login password, you will have to hard reset your router back to its factory default settings and then login again using the default D-link router login details after rebooting the router after reset.
To allow D-link router setup, you must use the newest setup wizard. Also, it is advised to use a wired connection method for the initial D-link router setup using the Ethernet cable connections.
Yes, you can view/block wireless unauthorized users or devices through the mydlink app or mydlink.com website, provided your D-link router must be registered to a mydlink account. To view the connected users, access the Connection List.
You must have a firmware update done to the latest version on your device as outdated firmware can cause such issues or try performing a factory reset on your as this may help.
It's probably because the router firewall is enabled and prevents the other devices to connect to it. In this case you've got to reset the router (by pushing the push button with a pin or power off then power on after about 15 seconds). When the dlink router comes up, you can access the admin page only for about one minute.
Type your router's IP address —192.168. 0.1— into your Web browser. At the login screen, select “Admin” from the sink menu and enter your admin password. Once you access the online configuration screen, click “Setup” within the top menu.
Click or type 192.168. 1.1 within the address bar. A login window will appear. Enter the login username and password provided by the router company otherwise you can find it on the label on router.
If the web or Service light on your modem is solid red, it means your modem can't detect a DSL signal. To solve this problem: A: Restart your modem. ... If your Internet or Service light turns green, you have connection.
1. Open any browser and enter 192.168. 2. The D-Link router webpage will open. 3. When the D-link product page opens, click the Setup option, and then select the Storage option at the left-hand side of the product page. 4. The Storage page will open. 5. On your Android mobile, click the App Store icon.
Resetting the router doesn't reset the firmware to an earlier version, but it'll change all settings back to factory defaults. Note: The factory default router username is Admin, and the password field should be left blank.
If you cannot access the router's web-based setup page or forgot the router's password, you'll reset the router to its default factory settings. To do this, press and hold the push button for 10 seconds. NOTE: Resetting your router to its default factory settings also will reset your router's password.
“In general, it is a great idea to reboot the most Internet router every few months. It's also an honest security practice to reboot the router every once during a while.” the advantages of regularly rebooting your router are twofold. If you would like a faster connection, you ought to be regularly turning your router on and off.
To establish a wireless connection, click the Network icon on the taskbar of your computer. From the list of networks, select the SSID of your router network. Enter the password for the network and click Connect to join the network. The next step is configuring the router settings.
You do not got to have a router to use Wi-Fi as long as you are not trying to share an online connection. The common consumer Wi-Fi router is really a mixture device that has a network switch, a network router and a Wi-Fi access point.
Step 1: Open your Internet browser and enter. Step 2: Enter the password for your Admin account within the field provided. Step 3: Locate the Wireless Settings from the sink menus. Step 4: within the Password field, specify the new wireless password for the specified wireless band.