Dlinkrouter.local Setup Wizard

How Do I Setup Dlinkrouter.local Setup Wizard? Installing The D-link Router:

  1. Unplug the Power to your Cable/DSL Modem by taking out the power adapter from the power source.
  2. Connect your D-link router to the modem by making use of the Ethernet cable that should be attached at the yellow WAN or internet ports of both the devices at each end.
  3. Also, Establish the connection between the computer and the D-link router with an Ethernet cable attached at any of the 4 LAN ports of the D-link router.
  4. The computer could be connected to the D-link router over a wireless connection as well using the default wifi settings, but it is advisable to perform dlinkrouter.local setup over wired Ethernet cable connection.
  5. Plug the D-link router’s power adapter to power. Also, plug back the power adapter of Cable/DSL Modem being used to the power outlet.
  6. Turn on the modem as well as computer. Make sure the power LEDs light on receiving the power. Turn on the computer to use it for Dlink login as well as Dlink router setup using dlinkrouter.local setup wizard.
How Do I Setup Dlinkrouter.local Setup Wizard? Installing The D-link Router:

D-link router setup via dlinkrouter.local setup wizard

  • Launch a preferred D-link supporting web browser on your connected computer.
  • To dlink login, input the dlink router login default domain address dlinkrouter.local in the address bar.
  • Else, use IP address as the default IP gateway for login from the address bar.
  • On first time dlinkrouter.local or IP login into the D-link router, the users get directed to the Setup Wizard screen.
  • If you wish to skip dlinkrouter.local setup wizard setup; select the Manual Configuration option.
  • Otherwise, Dlinkrouter.local setup wizard guides through automatically launching the setup process as detailed below.
  • Select your preferred Language of choice to begin D-link router setup.
  • Hit the Start option
  • Setup wizard guides through auto-launching configuration of your D-link router’s internet connection settings.
  • Select the wireless Internet Connection type on your D-link router, which should either be Dynamic or PPPoE.
  • When prompted, assign the D-link router Wifi network security by creating a Wireless Network Name SSID with security key.
  • Also, enable wireless network encryption security with WPA/WPA encryption settings.
  • Set dlinkrouter.local login password for safe access to the D-link router’s web GUI.
  • The D-link router setup wizard applies the new configured wireless settings by rebooting automatically. 
  • Once dlink router setup configuration is completed, the login screen appears.
  • Enter the D-link router login credentials in Login Screen.
  • Key in the dlink login username: admin that is pre-set by default.
  • Also, key in the dlink login password you assigned above for D-link router login to web GUI.
  • A setup confirmation screen would display the wireless network settings. 
  • Dlinkrouter.local setup wizard completed the d-link router setup.

Dlinkrouter.Local FAQs

1. How do I set up my DLink router for the first time?

Navigate to dlinkrouter.local web address on a launched web browser which directs you to the setup wizard screen; the setup wizard automatically sets up the dlink router for you.

2. How do I set up my Dlink router without a computer?

Instead of connecting the computer, you could use a smartphone or laptop by connecting them to the D-link router’s wifi using its default wireless settings to access the Dlinkrouter.local setup wizard via dlink login.

3. What to do if the D-link router’s setup wizard can’t find the D-link router?

  1. Ensure that the computer used for dlinkrouter.local setup wizard access and the D-link router must be on the same wifi network and subnet.

  2. It is recommended to use a wired Ethernet cable connection to perform D-link router setup.

  3. Turn off the antivirus or the firewall protection during the dlinkrouter.local setup wizard setup.

4. Why is my D-Link router not getting connected to the Internet?

Check if the WAN/Internet connected/ disconnected status shows working internet connection, otherwise, Power Off the Modem for about 20 seconds and then again power it on. On Waiting for up to 2 minutes, check and check the Network Status again. It should show the connected status and your D-link router should be connected to the internet.  

5. How to set up my D-Link router after reset?

After resetting the D-link router back to its factory default settings, the D-link router has to be set up all over again to allow wireless network settings configuration. For this you must login using dlinkrouter.local to access the setup wizard which auto-launches the setup process and completes it.